Lucy Rivera - 3rd Suffolk District State Rep '09

My Ideas

Economic Growth & Job Creation

Massachusetts and Boston in particular enjoy a unique situation because of the number of top tier universities and colleges that call Massachusetts home. We should harness the brain power and talent that exists in the local academic institutions and industries and create strong incentives that attract new green technology businesses. To promote the creation of a “Green Silicon Valley” in our state it is important to remove the impediments and barriers that would deter investment in Massachusetts.

Administering the Stimulus Plan

The Federal stimulus package will make available billions of dollars to Massachusetts. The distribution of these funds must be maintained as a transparent and competitive bidding process. Only through a transparent and competitive process will Massachusetts reap the highest benefits from infrastructure improvements, including mass transit, broadband access, highway and bridge construction and repairs.


Making energy efficiency an economic imperative is paramount. We need to facilitate the introduction of photovoltaics, solar passive heating, fuel cells, biomass, construction and demolition debris (C&D) gasification, and other clean technologies. For this, we need to provide incentives to attract such companies and help them thrive, with the goal of achieving critical mass of this industry in the state. Consumption: We need to increase our efforts to conserve energy, both at the individual and corporate levels. Supply: We need to promote competition among existing energy suppliers and require them to increase their use of alternative energy sources. My goal is to approach energy efficiency as a quantifiable economic measure that provides benefits both in the short term and the long term.


Education is vital for a healthy Massachusetts. Good education leads to a strong community, healthy individuals, unified families, and a productive economy. While many debate the best way to educate our children, all sides and opinions have merit. I believe that no method of education fits every child’s needs.

My mission in education will be to focus on what works for our children. On the one hand, we should harness the power of data and follow closely our demographic and make sure that the education system is responsive and evolves with the demographic it serves. Simultaneously, we need to implement best practices in education. In education, more often than not, we do not have to reinvent the wheel. We have great success stories right here in Massachusetts and many true and tested practices that are often overshadowed by the politics of cutting corners. We need to do a better job of taking true and tested practices and make them available across the board.

Some key initiatives that will improve our education:

• Funding for ongoing training for teachers so that they are up to date with the latest teaching techniques and practices.• Funding for after school programs.

• Make the MCAS one of three tests to evaluate whether a student is ready to graduate.

• Funding for Community Centers to provide vocational training and to impart English as a Second Language education, especially for parents.

• Teach English Language Learners in English and in their native language, so they don’t fall behind. Immerse them in English only classes.

Quality Healthcare

It is imperative that healthcare be affordable. Every resident of Massachusetts deserves accessible and affordable healthcare. To that end, I support standardized premiums and a single payer system, so the State pays the insurance for everyone, while maintaining doctors’ and nurses’ independent service.

Community Development

Community Development, as the term implies, should serve the community. The Third Suffolk District, in particular, is a densely populated and developed district. Therefore, it necessitates thoughtful and smart development that improves the quality of life for everyone involved; the community, the workers, the developers, and the City as a whole. I stand for open, inclusive, and resident informed Development that respects the character of its community. Likewise, I also believe that thoughtful and smart Development is positive since it creates jobs, provides new housing, retail, and office space, and can introduce new energy efficiency practices. The introduction of new technologies set a precedent which soon permeates the rest of the community. If developers and communities work closely together, Boston can evolve with respect to its character, respond to the growth of the City, and incorporate new energy efficiency practices that result in a healthier environment and cost savings.


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